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Fortune Cookie With Fake Engagement Ring Inside

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Simply mix into your local Chinese restaurant's regular fortune cookie supplies, and wait...
Chances are you'll never see the results, but should guarantee a very awkward moment for someone!
MikeOliver, Mar 12 2006

I tried something similar to that. Little_20Honey_20Sachets
[Letsbuildafort] [Letsbuildafort, Mar 15 2006]


       Heh. Very cruel.
hidden truths, Mar 12 2006

       This qualifies for the Product:Weapon category. The scary thing is how indiscriminately the damage is going to be done.
Confucius says: Duck!
methinksnot, Mar 12 2006

DrCurry, Mar 12 2006

       Mickey Blue Eyes much (-)
shinobi, Mar 12 2006

       The paper should still be inside and say "Will you maw we me".
geo8rge, Mar 12 2006

       "Mickey Blue Eyes much (-)"???
Does anyone else understand that?
MikeOliver, Mar 12 2006

       Perfectly clear to me. But not having seen the film, no idea if s/he is right.
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006

       "NO, EAT COOKIE NOW!!!"   

       or something like that. Best part (well, only good part) of the whole movie.   

       This is the very kind of idea I would give multiple +'s if I could.
Pac-man, Mar 13 2006

       Halfbaked. I know a man who proposed via fortune cookie. The waiters were in on it, but she elected to save it all for snack the next day...
normzone, Mar 13 2006

       OK then, I guess I'll have to admit to having seen that film. In an early scene; Hugh Grant, being the permenently befuddled character he is in every single film, puts an engagement ring in a fortune cookie for his girlfriend but it went to the wrong table. There's a notable similarity with this, but I'm guessing [MikeOliver] hasn't seen it.
hidden truths, Mar 13 2006

       Heh. That's a great prank idea. An interesting variation would be for a woman to plant a fake engagement ring into her own cookie. This would give her the opportunity to say yes to her husband, resulting in him knowing that asking her to marry him would result in a yes answer. It would also be a strong hint that maybe he should do so sooner rather than later.   

       Variation 2: Same as above, but woman says no and breaks up with guy. A bit vicious, I admit.
aguydude, Mar 14 2006

       Ah, I've just remembered why "Mickey Blue Eyes" has anything to do with this: There is a scene where the fortune cookie (with a real engagement ring inside) is delivered to the wrong table. Hilairy ensued.
PollyNo9, Mar 15 2006

       Hilairy - isn't she running for President or something?
DrCurry, Mar 15 2006

       Oh God, she choking!Somebody do something! That ring is really expensive!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 16 2006


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