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Golden Smile

Jewelry for braces
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Like little earrings, only attached to the wire between two braced upper teeth. Designed shorter than your teeth to avoid biting metal.

Another idea similar enough to be included here: post covers. Small pieces of jewelry that are affixed to braces posts. Smooth steel, pearl, or jeweled studs would be a comfortable and fashionable cover for the cruel sharp and mechanical looking posts.

Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005

[Machiavelli]? http://www.smoe.org.../female/amithg1.jpg
[half, Jan 27 2005]

Mouth Jewelry http://www.smoe.org/braces/
Are they kidding? Now, add some diamond studs that fit over each post, a few dangling things, and you have something. [Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005]

(?) Mouth jewelry http://www.signonsa...004-02-23braces.jpg
[skinflaps, Jan 28 2005]

(??) Non vocal oral communication http://www.chud.com...es2/micah/high8.jpg
[calum, Jan 28 2005]

(?) Braces with bling http://www.smartbra...com/bra/braces.html
[half, Jan 29 2005]

Gold and Silver http://drbarrowes.com/types.asp
Braces [popbottle, Jan 05 2017]


       Having seen the options they kept offering me over the last few years, I'm sure somebody would go for this. I mean, why would I want neon green stuff attached anywhere near my teeth? I did briefly consider the fluorescent pink Hawley retainer with an embedded picture of Elmo...NOT.
half, Jan 27 2005

       Gosh, I wish there was something like this 15 years ago when I had braces. Extend this idea to the god-awful headgear and I wouldn't have hated it as much. (most obedient children wear the headgear at night, just like the orthodontist instructed. But did little Machiavelli listen? Noooo. So she got the headgear wired in and had to wear it 24 hours a day for a few months and looked like a horse wearing a bit. Some jewelry would've softened the blow.)
Machiavelli, Jan 27 2005

       I shouldn't have opened that link at while at work. I should have know it would've been something like that. Dear Jesus, [half]! I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I have raccoon eyes from my mascara running from laugh tears. The phone rang and I could barely gasp out the words "Good afternoon, blah blah blah Company." That sad thing is, she looks a lot better than I did with that metal on her face.
Machiavelli, Jan 27 2005

       Fluorescent pink retainer?! Good grief that's bad. I know you Yanks orthodont anything that moves but blimey.   

       My major worry with this idea is the whole food collection issue. It's going to be a great way to save a snack for later.
hazel, Jan 27 2005

       Braces are, by their nature, //a great way to save a snack for later.// I'm thinking if these had a clip they'd be easy to remove for meal times. Or build in a little wedge and with a little jiggle they could help you clear food.
Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005

       All the people I knew that had braces were terribly embarrassed about them - is this because they didn't have a "Golden Smile"?!
hazel, Jan 27 2005

       I think so. Look at my link. Certainly the current look can be improved upon.
Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005

       Harrassing the girls again, are you, [half]?
bristolz, Jan 28 2005

       She cried, so apparently I was. Dunno what got in to me. Seeing [Machiavelli]'s name usually doesn't evoke that sort of reaction from me. It's when I see the name [bristolz], that the thought "harrass" comes to mind.
half, Jan 28 2005

       Or ass, anyway.
bristolz, Jan 28 2005

       As long as it's usually her ass and not mine...
Machiavelli, Jan 28 2005

       Hmmm....perhaps we need a BZ fan club for the hopelessly smitten. Don't be afraid to own up to it, half. You're not alone.   

       And one for Susen, and one for Po, and...oops, my insecurities are showing.   

       Anyway, back to the idea, my 15 year old daughter has these horrible things in, I'm sure she'd consider some clip on jewellery (sorry, UK spelling) covers were kewul (US spelling).
egbert, Jan 28 2005

       [egbert], shhh! They already have fan clubs - they just don't kno- oh, uh, hello girls! Nothing to see here! Um...
Detly, Jan 28 2005

       Free jewelry with braces, to make them fasionable.
0_owaffleo_0, Jan 28 2005

       Free? Probably not. Though with the cost of orthodontia they could probably call them free.
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2005

       " [egbert], shhh! They already have fan clubs - they just don't kno- oh, uh, hello girls! Nothing to see here! Um... — Detly, Jan 28 2005 "   

       Rule 34 ...
normzone, Jan 05 2017

       //Though with the cost of orthodontia they could probably call them free.   

       In the same way that work makes you free?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 06 2017

       This made me think of fluoresent invisalign braces. Invisalign and their sort of generic equivalent are transparent polymer braces.   

       Optically transparent yet UV fluorescent braces could be poshly artistic and would only light up under fluorescent lights, which might be nifty at dance clubs, or even showing your friends.
beanangel, Jan 06 2017


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