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Heavy platinum bling

More conspicuous isotopic consumption
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A million dollar watch does not have anything a 300 dollar watch lacks. Same with a 50 dollar pen versus a 50,000 dollar pen. The whole point is the visible expense.

Platinum 198 is stable, yet only represents 7% of natural platinum. A rolex made of pure heavy platinum would be 1% heavier than a watch made of normal platinum, nonradioactive, and financially out of reach for those not accustomed to purchasing nuclear air craft carriers.

GutPunchLullabies, Apr 06 2007

Buy Platinum 198 (95.83% pure) http://www.medicali...ails.asp?find=12245
[ldischler, Apr 06 2007]

dichroic filter http://en.wikipedia...iki/Dichroic_filter
shine colors without wasting light. [MercuryNotMars, Apr 08 2007]


       Platinum 198? Pah! Common as lead. Go up-market - Platinum 192 is ten times rarer (0.8% of natural platimum), and is also stable. Being 1.5% lighter than regular platinum, it would be ideal for sports watches.   

       Or live dangerously, and go for platinum 190 - only 0.016% of natural platinum and lighter still. But not suited for heirlooms - half life is only six hundred billion years.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2007

       I say go for the halfnium isotope. It's an occasional byprouct of certain supercollider tests, currently running about $1B per gram. Perfect for plating the spinners on your Hummer.
nuclear hobo, Apr 07 2007

       //We laugh and joke now// you have an optimistic view of the life the masses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2007

       I have always liked the look of CDs with that opalecence. I think this stuff is the greatest thing since prismatic jewelery cuts with all the pretty rainbows. See link.
MercuryNotMars, Apr 08 2007

       Tube amps are in now, big time (and big money), for that warm fuzzy sound. You'll also need a phonograph and mint collection of vinyl to be really cool.
nuclear hobo, Apr 09 2007


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