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hanging baskets

decorative and useful aural attachments
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summer was not summer for me as a child without the family consuming pounds of cherries. They also provided hours of amusement as we had stone-spitting-into-a-bucket-ten-feet-away competitions and see-who-looks-the-silliest-with-the-fruit-dangled from the ear displays – oh, simple pleasures, simple folk.

with the close of this summer, and as the nights start drawing in (no mention of winter drawers please), I propose hanging baskets attached to the ears in the manner of the sweet cherry decorations of yesteryear i.e. little cords around the top of the ear attached to little wire baskets. in these baskets can go all manner of pretty things, flowers, a delicate little embroidered hanky, sparkling gemstones, that carefully folded loveletter, pot pourri; whatever your heart desires. the added attraction of these little swinging treasures would be that a loose ear-ring that would normally fall to the floor and be lost for ever, would fall into the basket and be held safely.

po, Aug 23 2002

Here ya go! http://www.deejewelry.com/basket.htm
[DrCurry, Aug 23 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Pistachio shells http://www.halfbake...hell_20Construction
Teeny organic baskets [sild, Aug 23 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Perhaps a use for pistachio shells? - link.
sild, Aug 23 2002

       fill them with fruit to encourage someone to nibble on your ears.
rbl, Aug 23 2002

       mmmm thanks rbl, hadn't thought of that.
po, Aug 23 2002


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