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Goldfish Clothing

Like them shoes....
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Water-filled clothing transparent on the outside with fish living inside, with temperature control so you wont get hot. Like those shoes with goldfish. The fish can be fake, but if they are real don't forget to feed them.

Might be heavy.

DesertFox, Jul 23 2005


       I've seen an entire range of inflatable clothing. Just fill with water instead. (Although I don't know how you'll get goldfish in through one of those little inflation tubes.)
wagster, Jul 23 2005

       I'd think you'd be better off with fake fish - I don't think it would look very cool when all your goldfish are swimming in a permanent belly-up mode from lack of oxygen...   

       //Might be heavy.//   

       I reckon it *will* be heavy.
froglet, Jul 23 2005

       For froglet:   

       // The fish can be fake// :)
DesertFox, Jul 23 2005

       What about robot fish? Also, would it be feasible to add helium to reduce the weight?
nineteenthly, Jul 23 2005


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