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Secretly-transparent Clothing

Clothing that appears invisible using certain glasses
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Remember the media coverage a while back about the Sony Nightshot camcorders being able to see through clothing? I was thinking that it might be possible to wear clothing that appears opaque to the unaided eye, but by wearing glasses with special lenses, the clothing could appear absolutely invisible (or clear, at the very least.) The special clothing and glasses would be part of a "nude sub-culture" wherein people selectively allow themselves to be seen nude, as well as watch other members nude. Everyone else who lacks the glasses would be none the wiser.
VeXaR, Mar 26 2001

Extreme Camcorder Handbook http://www.infraredvideo.com
How-To Books On Infrared ("X-Ray") Video Recording [infraredvideo, Mar 26 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Password - the game http://products.con.../index.cfm/id/20341
"Each team of two or more players gets a wallet-type clue holder with a red plastic window that reveals the password hidden in blue and red ink." [Klaatu, Oct 17 2004]

Ten-dollar infrared goggles http://amasci.com/amateur/irgoggl.html
In bright sunlight these goggles can see right through NIR filter sheets such as "congo blue" theatrical filter [wbeaty, Jul 29 2006]


       So you're saying that your idea is already baked then? Or are you saying that you want to do this in a different way from the Sony camcorder thing?
hippo, Mar 26 2001

       I think the idea is to intentionally produce clothing that is transparent to the special glasses-or-whatever, and for some people to intentionally wear it with the intent of being seen as naked. It's all in the intent.   

       It could also be handy for exhibitionists, as well as nudists.
wiml, Mar 26 2001

       Just ask Jennifer Lopez. She would wear sheer fabric to a Funeral. She may also know how to utilize technology to its fullest.
thumbwax, Mar 27 2001

       aside from various implementations of "x-ray specs" technology there is an existing sample from the clothing end. Tan-through swimwear is a fine mesh, and employs loud patterns to make its transparency less obvious. Cross that with those color-blindness test books and you'll have swimwear that becomes transparent to anyone wearing the appropriate hue of sunglasses... or possessing the appropriate color-blindness, I suppose.
djymm, Mar 27 2001

       Hm. I could see how to do the reverse of this with polarized glasses. You polarize your clothing horizontally, and anyone who doesn't wanna see you naked can wear vertically polarized glasses.
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001

       One way this could work is if the clothing worked like window glass than can be electrically switched from opaque to clear. The wearer could then momentarily flash someone that caught her interest. Or, if the flashing were at some frequency, with the flash interval shorter than the persistence of vision, someone without the glasses could not perceive it. The glasses would operate as a shutter opening in time with the wearer’s clothing. These frequencies could be public, or coded for privacy. The private code could be broadcast to members of the opposite sex as seemed appropriate (although I can’t imagine that anyone leering behind these glasses would ever seem appropriate).
pluterday, Mar 29 2003

       [moongoose]: (Tilting head sideways)... oh... I see....
Cedar Park, Mar 30 2003

       // Why would you want to just see people naked //
You desire to see other things naked, [Xdude3]?
benjamin, Dec 15 2003

       But who would decide what class each wearer falls into?
oneoffdave, Dec 16 2003

       I pity the person who has to resort to seeing me naked. But by all means...
irollerblade, Dec 17 2003

       Black infrared filter material is totally transparent when viewed with an IR video camera, and the same dyes could be added to transparent clothing. But cloth made from transparent fibers is white or translucent, not transparent. Your special IR-transparent clothing might resemble a black shower curtain. I've seen transparent rubber made from urethane, so perhaps your transparent clothing would look like a black latex fetish outfit. (And for IR viewing, buy one of those Casio wrist-cameras with the LCD screen, the old monochrome type, with an IR filter placed over the tiny camera lens.)
wbeaty, Jul 29 2006

       Oh, also the black IR filter is somewhat transparent when viewed with "ten dollar IR goggles" linked above. You need extremely bright sunlight though. It might only work at the beach, or in desert regions (and Burning Man.)
wbeaty, Jul 29 2006

       I'm ashamed to say that as far as my imagination is concerned, a lot of women wear secretly-transparent clothing.
wagster, Jul 29 2006

       Wear your black IR-transparent latex jumpsuit where infrared video cameras are in use. Give the security guards a thrill.
wbeaty, Jul 29 2006


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