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The flirty looking down girls shirts dress

from a few feet away the dress fabric |||| appears continuous about a foot from the wearer the angle of the ||||| permits transparent view
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a few feet from a person they appear to be wearing a dress or top

much nearer as you gaze upon them the slightly staggered fabric weave gives a transparent view a honeycomb fabric would do it

very flirty plus I noticed that this looking down girls shirts urge started sometime during Jr High thus I think this speaks to a biological urge of some kind

NB .5b dress category urged

beanangel, Aug 19 2009


       "My eyes aren't down here"

       "Yeah, well your tits aren't up there"
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2009

       actually this could have the beneficial viewing angle at any polarization   

       that reminds me of velour you could make a reversible shirt where the velour pets up or down depending on which side you wear
beanangel, Aug 19 2009

       So, the blinds would be partially closed, and when you're next to her you can see down through them, or up through them depending on the angle and your height. Or sideways blinds if you wish. Either way, the angle should be adjustable like regular blinds. That would have been much more interesting to read. The honeycomb thing makes very little sense. I think a honeycomb pattern would be, instead, easy to see through from far away and opaque up close.   

       Your matter-of-fact attitude towards tit peeking is a bit funny, and also creepy. All things considered, I can't vote. The idea should really include adjustable blinds and use them for analogy in the description. Unless I've totally misunderstood the concept which is virtually impossible.
daseva, Aug 19 2009

       on a new bikini form the blinkini   

       This might be a fun way to get the exposed nipple into common fashion. — daseva, Oct 03 2006   

       well sometimes we have share tastes I favor topless
beanangel, Aug 19 2009

       // I noticed that this looking down girls shirts urge started sometime during Jr High thus I think this speaks to a biological urge of some kind //   

       Curious. You might be on to something. Deserves more study.
tatterdemalion, Aug 19 2009

       I had to log on just to vote no.   

dentworth, Aug 19 2009

       actually I noticed that the looking down girls shirts thing was mostly a 7th to 9th grade thing I was sort of amazed to remember that different forms n charms seemed to become charming at different 3 month periods I think it might actually be from a brain development process Truly I wondered at that I don't think I was derrier aware until college   

       even at my august age I would appreciate this kind of dress or top though or just nudity
beanangel, Aug 20 2009

       Yours or someone else's?
hippo, Aug 20 2009

       I can pretty much guarantee that this will get buns from the boys and bones from the girls.
wagster, Aug 20 2009

       I'm in two minds on this.   

       It's badly written as ususal. But some women do like to show bits of themselves off.   

       This clothing is basically set up like horizontal venetian blinds, right?
It would be good for flashers - they could just unfurl themselves for a second.
Loris, Aug 20 2009

       //this will get buns from the boys and bones from the girls.// You should work that up into a double entendre...
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 20 2009

       // You should work that up into a double entendre//   

       The girls would enjoy seeing a few boners around here?   

       Seriously, I think most girls would prefer the perverts to keep their distance. Why encourage them to stand right on top of the poor girls?
Bad Jim, Aug 21 2009

       "The poor girls"? If you're choosing to wear a see-through dress with the express purpose to expose yourself to bystanders, dealing with the consequences seems only fair. (Besides, it's much easier to kick them in the nuts that way.)
jutta, Aug 21 2009

       We could take a routed fiber optics approach - looking at her knees you'd see breasts, and looking at her breasts you'd see legs.   

       Hell, let's go one step further and make it programmable with an optional randomizer mode.   

       "Keep watching, you might get lucky".
normzone, Aug 22 2009

       //looking at her knees you'd see breasts//
my lizard brain objects strenuously.

       //kick them in the nuts//
I think I'll go with assuming that was not meant literally.
FlyingToaster, Aug 22 2009

       //this speaks to a biological urge of some kind//   

       Not necessarily. It may just be that, like me, you took a long time to learn the idea of personal space. Combine that with curiosity, chutzpah and an innocent pleasure in soft things, and we've got your 'biological urge' right here.   

       Also, read The Naked Ape for some startling evidence of how nurture-driven is the sexual behaviour of big primates (not just us but also chimps).
pertinax, Aug 24 2009

       If women wore this top, they'd still get mad at guys for looking. As it is, they wear low-cut tops and hang shiny, dangly jewelry between their neck and their cleavage, and then they expect us not to look there. Go figure!
Bill Carson, Aug 26 2009

       The day I understand that is the day my wife understands why I like fishing. To be honest it's probably more fun to keep each other guessing.
wagster, Aug 26 2009

       //// kick them in the nuts//
// I think I'll go with assuming that was not meant literally.
Why not? It's an effective defense. If the assailant was, for instance, carrying a large bag of pecans, macademias, or hazelnuts for an Italian panforte, they would certainly be distracted by finding those scattered across the pavement as the result of a Shaolin jump-kick. While they pick up the macadamias, you make your getaway. I'm thinking of something in a thatched hut.
jutta, Aug 26 2009

       You could practise on one of those dangly bird-feeders. Then you wouldn't have to retrieve the nuts between attempts.
pertinax, Aug 26 2009

       Not the panforte! Anything but the panforte - Although, thinking about it, the panforte's natural density should protect the nuts from any foot/pavement incurred chafing.   

       Kick 'em in the nougats!
zen_tom, Aug 26 2009

       [Jutta], funniest anno eva!
daseva, Aug 26 2009

       "I'm thinking of something in a thatched hut."
phoenix, Aug 26 2009


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