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golf + bowling, duh
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Unless I am the only one having problems with the short game in golf, this idea might seem useful.

Start with a regular golf hole, around 350 yards. The point of the first half of the game is to just get the golf ball on the green using same clubs and obeying the same rules as before.

Once the golf ball gets on the green, the story changes. The player comes to where the golf ball landed and replaces it with a bowling ball. The player then takes the bowling ball into his hand and tries to bowl it into the hole which would obviously be the appropriate size for the bowling ball. The scoring system would remain the same as in golf, the less strokes the better. Also in the end, all the times the bowling ball went into the hole in one try (strikes) will be added up to further lower the golfowler's score.

The reason I came up with this is probably because my present golf and bowling scores are almost the same - around 160.

fleasting, Jul 01 2000


       Would you have to change your shoes every time you made it on/off the green?
ChachieWawa, Jul 03 2000

       The short game seems a bit too easy (at least at short to medium distance, where your "putts" will always sink, so to speak; long "putts" become a test of strength); the challenge in bowling isn't getting it to the other end, but getting it there with the proper velocity, angle and spin to knock down all the pins. Why not have an arrangement of pins set up where the hole would be? Of course, this would eliminate holes-in-one, unless it's possible to knock down a set of pins from several hundred feet away with a golf ball.
bookworm, Jul 04 2000

       Surley if there was a hole the size of a bowling ball, you would be able to improve your putting to the point you wouldn't need a bowling ball.
altima, Jul 04 2000


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