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Golf, but with snooker rules
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i'm sorry if anyone has this idea but i have had a quick look and no-one has this exact idea.

my idea goes like this: it would be played on a normal golf course, but the twist is that when you reach the green there are however many coloured balls there are on a snooker table arranged how they are on a snooker table and 6 holes, you then have to putt the ball you have used to get from the tee to the green (white) as a cue ball and putt it to get all the other balls on the green into the holes and get the highest score. if a ball is hit off the green then it may not re-enter the green. there is probabl a few implications about scoring but it's an idea
dekoi, Jun 08 2001


       More coffee?
thumbwax, Jun 08 2001

       Golfshoes? Neigh.
reensure, Jun 09 2001


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