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Google along with your favorite shows...
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I tend to watch a lot of Science Channel, Discovery, National Geo etc.

When something odd or interesting comes on, I frequently do a quick Google and prowl around for additional stuff about whatever it is that just grabbed my curiosity.

I'm imagining a service that I could subscribe to that would be matched with the timing of whatever is on TV and show a constantly updating page of Google search hits that go along with whatever it is that's on at the moment.

It would work like this... I would go to the site, type in the show I'm watching (or better yet, provide a connection to the cable box and let it figure it out). At that point, the searching would begin with each screen refresh showing a new search and the associated hits.

Could be fun...

zigness, Mar 08 2006


       Cool! You could turn every show into "Pop-up Video" just by having your computer near your TV.
phundug, Mar 08 2006

       "He's lying!" "That's wrong!" "No way, Jose"   

       One of the cable channel pops up links for the documentaries being aired, as do most of the news channels, but of course, that's only to their own shows.   

       I'd like to see the information either inset on the TV screen, or maybe overlaid over the action.
DrCurry, Mar 08 2006

       Starship Troopers (movie) and many others do this. "Would you like to know more....". Interactive media like this is inevitable, and I'd say a good thing.   

       Zigness gets my [+] this time, as the mechanism proposed does seem to be a new jump forward.   

       Just to perhaps add / improve by:   

       Use the text from the closed-caption feed from the program. Extract keywords from the text, and make each one clickable. When clicking, it searches that word in Wikipedia, Google, and any other URL that you configure.
sophocles, Mar 09 2006

       Umm, hello? technical support? The GoogleTracks box keeps on sending me to "Pregnancy, Baby and toddler information" and to "theinterviewwithgod.com" when I play my big brother's movies.
methinksnot, Mar 10 2006

       Okay, here's how I see this being implemented.   

       TV card in PC, extracts closed captions, feeds them to a Firefox browser (picture in picture) plug-in, existing browser plug-ins auto-search on user selected words. The remote integrates a wireless air-mouse - swapping the PinP screens activates the mouse.   

       Somewhere in the middle of all that you could parse the text through something that sorts the words for statistical significance, eliminating all the "the"s and "and"s. Level of rareness user settable.   

       The searches could also be presented as links from the relevant words, so you just have to point and click, instead of doing the plug-in drop down menu mambo, and return to your viewing.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 11 2006

       Bunsen, I thought of a similar thing, and then I thought that maybe this should be pre-programmed rather than real-time. Hmmm...
zigness, Mar 12 2006

       I thought it in the best interests of the programme producers to transmit, using the closed captions as [BH] suggests, relevant links that your browser can then display. That way they ensure that you watch the content they want you to thus maximising advertisement reven...wait a minute.
methinksnot, Mar 12 2006


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