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Information Overlord

Search, before you search
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Conspiracy theories abound that our devices are already listening to us (and of course now with Alexa and other specifically designed devices, they do). But most of the effect that inspires these conspiracies is caused by ad retargeting.

This idea is about an app using voice recognition to continuously scan your conversation and, using nothing more than it's own statistical analysis on top of Google's already impressive predictive capabilities (demonstrated today in terms of predicting what you want to search for as you type), having for you the results of the most likely searches your current conversation trend is likely to produce, so that you wouldn't even have to type it.

theircompetitor, Feb 16 2019


       Um, are we allowed to annotate this? It's dark outside - that car in the street opposite seems to have been there a long time... Who do I call.....?
saker, Feb 18 2019

       //Information Overlord//   

       The title left me with visions of some sort of librarian / Attila the Hun hybrid guarding my locale library door & enforcing arbitrary library rules with a sword of prodigious (meaning silly) proportions, whips & spiky metal implements of obscure purpose, by preference the eye- candy female version.   

       Imagine my disappointment.
Skewed, Feb 18 2019

       <Imagines [Skewed]'s disappointment/>   


       So, Xena the Warrior Librarian then ? Actually, that might work. On the downside, it might work too well.
8th of 7, Feb 18 2019

       //Xena the Warrior Librarian// Conan the Librarian, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2019

       as much as I like, Xena, ++ for Conan the Librarian, [MB]
theircompetitor, Feb 18 2019

       //So, Xena the Warrior Librarian then ?//   

       Yup, though I (a little reluctantly) have to switch my vote to Conan the Librarian (damn you [Max]!), it's just too good a wordplay not to.
Skewed, Feb 18 2019

       Conan the Tipperarian ; Heinlein the Libertarian ; Adolf the Failed Aryan ; [Teacup] the other Ontariariarian :D   

       I'd be somewhat shocked if Siri et al don't have a hidden switch that does this.   

       //Xena// sp. Athena.
FlyingToaster, Feb 18 2019


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