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Google earth : view from top

Suggestion for Google earth : street view
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Streetview of Google earth is a nice facility to get a feel of location. Also nice would be all-around 360 degree view from

1. terraces/roof of some of tall buildings in the downtown.

2. Famous places such as Panama canal or Taj Mahal which are not exactly ON streets, hence there is no street view for those.

Right now StreetView covers only views from streets, but all it should also cover insides of famous natural or manmade places, such as museums, palaces, forts etc. _________________ __________________

VJW, Jan 27 2011

Bike path in Stanley Park, Vancouver http://maps.google....01921,0.007639&z=18
You can see the shadow of the camera equipment on a tree. [Canuck, Jan 29 2011]


       Must be difficult to get those cars into the elevator.
jutta, Jan 27 2011

       Luckily it's the future now, so we have flying cars.
hippo, Jan 27 2011

       while we are composing wish lists, put me down for Johnny Depp.
po, Jan 27 2011

       Whereas a view from the top of a high building seems superfluous to me, i agree that views away from roads would be very useful and could be achieved in various ways, such as cameras on trains. Also, for once this is an application for a HOVERCRAFT, so yes please!
nineteenthly, Jan 27 2011

       Actually, this is baked - Stonehenge is on Google Streetview despite being not exactly on a street. It's quite well done - you can move your viewpoint between the stones, or stand in the middle of the ring of stones and look around.
hippo, Jan 27 2011

       what [21] said!
xandram, Jan 27 2011

       This alreafy exists. I just don't have time to find an example so you'll have to take my word for it.
DIYMatt, Jan 27 2011

       //also cover insides of famous natural or manmade places, such as museums, palaces, forts//   

       ... inside of public loos, bank vaults, swimming pool/gym changing rooms.   

       Call it "Google Snoop"
Jinbish, Jan 27 2011


       "This alreafy exists. I just don't have time to find an example so you'll have to take my word for it"
normzone, Jan 27 2011

       No effin already!
Dub, Jan 28 2011

       I have seen some images the folks at Google have done on a few of the biking paths around Stanley Park in Vancouver.   

       You can tell by the shadows in the shots they had the camera assembly mounted on a small bike trailer (I was a little disappointed it wasn't a helmet-cam, but that's just me!) so there was no need to run a car amongst the cyclists. And speaking of cyclists, it's funny to see all the little kids on their bikes crowding around the camera in some shots.
Canuck, Jan 29 2011

       Goofle hedgerow would be good, they could pay farmers to mount the dooberies on the rooves of their tractors, as they drive up and down their fields.
pocmloc, Jan 29 2011

       Baked. Bing maps (and a few other providers) has this.. it's called the "Bird's Eye View"
Jscotty, Jan 30 2011

       I think Google maps could be improved if they overlayed satellite images with topographical data. This would make birds eye view on apps like Navigator look much better.
xaviergisz, Jan 30 2011


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