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Google Internet

Like Google Earth, but of website traffic
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A globe which maps the traffic on the Internet. As sites grow and shrink, tectonic plate movement adjusts the size on the map. New sites erupt in the oceans as volcanic islands.

The idea name is rubbish, suggestions welcome.

See xkcd link for inspiration.

marklar, Oct 21 2010

XKCD map of online communities http://www.xkcd.com/802/
Needs more pirates [marklar, Oct 21 2010]

Real-Time Internet Monitor https://www.akamai....ime-web-monitor.jsp
[Skewed, Mar 02 2018]

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       I think if you tried to do this even on a daily basis, let alone real-time, the internet would melt. Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world by population. Tracking its traffic alone would scare even the most paralleled, multi-whatsit computer into therapy.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 21 2010

       I did, and found it. It's all around us, like air and love and mythical deities. Conclusion: Internet is an essential, "caring" god who doesn't answer our prayers; doesn't really notice whether we're around or not and doesn't sustain us physically. Maybe Internet is the potential cure for all previous religious strife?
infidel, Oct 21 2010

       ..."Basketball. That's the Dallas-Fort Worth Sunbelt Co-Prosperity sphere, you wanna get your ass down fast, all the way, then run how I told you"...   

       ..."as they plunged down into the workaday depths of cyberspace, the glowing Basketball dwindling above them."   

       William Gibson - "Count Zero"
normzone, Oct 21 2010

       Google Dirth.   

       bun for providing free ISP services in all countries of the world and yet still making money.
Voice, Oct 22 2010

       There are many 'maps of the internet' out there.
daseva, Oct 22 2010

       You wouldn't need to monitor the world's traffic necessarily, just collect a number from each website.
marklar, Oct 24 2010

       Could this be sketched by sampling, say, one packet in every billion?
pertinax, Mar 02 2018


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