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Google Mall Map

Find your way through that Mall or super store
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Create a store map for large superstores and malls. Add the map to the superstore or Mall entry on Google Maps. Have it available via WiFi at the mall or store as well. The iPhone or similar cell phone have it in their pocket. For others display the map on a computer at the directory kiosk for the non tech so they can search or get directions to the store or a product within a superstore.
theGem, Nov 13 2008

Halfbakery: google mall google_20mall
Fairly close - but starts with the product, not the location. [jutta, Nov 13 2008]


       Excellent. [+].
8th of 7, Nov 13 2008

       We have a few malls over here with touch screens. You can search by product or store for directions.   

       Of course, the malls have found they are obliged to offer directions to these machines. They have not yet implemented the necessary "store/product locator" locator, possibly realising that that might require yet another iteration...   

       This idea seems to short circuit that need.
4whom, Nov 14 2008

       // " store/product locator" locator //   

       You could make a game of it. When you walk pass a "Locate Directory" sign it says "hot" or "cold." It would be great fun for the kids.
theGem, Nov 16 2008


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