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Google Ocean

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I'd love to see Google do for oceanographic mapping what they've done with Google Earth. Not that it would ever pay off, but anyways...
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2006

(?) Julie Ocean http://www.go2lyric...ertones/431076.html
The title of this idea keeps making me think of "Julie Ocean" by the Undertones [hippo, Feb 11 2006]

Look at the stars Google_20Universe
see how they shine for you. [neilp, Feb 12 2006]

Google ocean http://news.cnet.co...84_3-9931412-7.html
Well, on its way [spidermother, Feb 02 2009]

(?) And here it is http://earth.google.com/ocean/
Google Earth 5.0 [goldbb, Feb 04 2009]


       What would you do with such a map, [Ray]? The surface feature are what makes GoogleEarth interesting. I would think that the seafloor would just be various shades of mud.
bungston, Feb 11 2006

       ...and hovering whales.
Shz, Feb 11 2006

       It could have overlays of currents, tides, active shipping lanes, oil rigs, major fish stocks, and of course sea floor images.   

       One of the most popular Google Earth sites to visit it the Grand Canyon, so wouldn't swimming around in the Marianas Trench be fun? The 'atmosphere' of the ocean could be removed for ease of viewing, much like the lack of cloud-cover for the entire planet in Google Earth.
Giblet, Feb 11 2006

       21Q, most of the depth and name data is already well-mapped elsewhere, all Google would need to do is collate it. What, do you think they sent up their own satelite?
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2006

       Soggy bread here for this one...   

       //Not that it would ever pay off, but anyways...//   

       Just a side note -- I disagree with that statement. It may take a little longer to see the obvious payback, but my gut tells me that if Google floated this out there, people would find uses for it elude me in my little room here this morning.
zigness, Feb 11 2006

       I was just on Google Earth, trying to show someone where I was last year. The town is covered with clouds, but it is on an island on the other side of the world, so it probably will never be noticed.   

       I was wanting to look around in the oceans. Can we get fault lines and subduction zones, currents and upwellings? Static maps of the seafloor would be great, but the water has a lot of things happening in it.   

       Big bun.
baconbrain, Feb 12 2006

       This one doesn't really float my boat, but that's no reason not to do it.
wagster, Feb 12 2006

       Yes please, is it in real-time?
wagster, Feb 12 2006

       welcome back though [RayfordSteele]. Not seen you here for a while.
jonthegeologist, Feb 13 2006

       Well...I'm of two minds.   

       As a scubadiver, freediver, spearfisher, and deck hand I'd love to have it.   

       But part of the reason the oceans stocks are being so rapidly depleted is the ready availability of electronic data regarding just such issues.   

       It doesn't bother me in the least when winter storms take out the bouy marking my favorite lobster hunting reef - it just means there will be a whole lot less rod & reel fishermen leaving line all over it, and I can still find it.   

       And this would make all this data available to anybody clever enough to use a mouse.
normzone, Feb 13 2006

       oh norm, you are so, so wet...
po, Feb 13 2006

       You make me that way.
normzone, Feb 14 2006

       Story of my life - I make a suggestive comment and all conversation ceases. Is it my breath?
normzone, Feb 14 2006

spidermother, Feb 02 2009

       Can he sue Google for stealing his idea?
Germanicus, Feb 02 2009

       //Can he sue Google for stealing his idea?// Google just announced that they are going to start photographing the ocean. Maybe this has been in the works for a while but they never announced it. For all we know, Rayford could be an ex-employee. ;) Just Kidding.
Jscotty, Feb 03 2009


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