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Google Microscopic

Zoom down to quantum level
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Google Earth down to the quantum level. This could be done by having catagories of microscopic zoom footage -- plants, different kinds of rocks, animals etc. The images would be a combination of animation and electron microscopy, like in the link.
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2006

Powers of 10 http://micro.magnet...wersof10/index.html
[JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2006]


       Nice. Would need to skip a few resolutions, though until the military lets us use 1cm resolution within public domain.   

       Also, recurse it. Show the worlds within worlds. Once you get to quarks, and zoom a bit further, you see the earth again.
sophocles, Feb 17 2006

       And the universes outside the universe. According to this week's New Scientist, our universe is a 5-D black hole in someone else's universe. And little fleas have lesser fleas.
gtoal, Feb 17 2006

       Oh - that explains it. I was having trouble with that, but it all makes sense now.
normzone, Feb 17 2006


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