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Google Night

Google Earth by night
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See New York, Paris, Sydney, London and other great cities at night. Hover over Tokyo's Ginza Strip, Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, Paris' Champs Elysees... or simply check to see if your porch light was on.
lukecleland, Feb 17 2006

google needs to turn on its own light first http://www.indianex...hp?content_id=87044
google censorship [xenzag, Feb 17 2006]

Zoom in on this http://www.wellesle...ht/Worldatnight.jpg
...oh, wait, you can't. [DrCurry, Feb 17 2006]

What, like this? http://www-static.c...h.edu/~pesti/night/
[Dub, Feb 19 2006]

Touch table + Historic Sat data = Cool http://www.pbs.org/...231-touchtable.html
{Starts getting interesting from 33% inwards} [Dub, Mar 13 2008]

Goodnight Moon http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Goodnight_Moon
The storybook [csea, Mar 13 2008]

Google Sky http://www.google.com/sky/
Search "Luna" [csea, Mar 14 2008]


       I like it very much. Also in this series: Google Earth at 7 AM, in early spring, with a NW wind.
neilp, Feb 17 2006

       Snapshots of any time would be fantastic for historical purposes.   

       How many people showed up at that protest? Did Tianamen square really happen? Again? How much is desert encroaching on green lands? When did the lake dry up? Endless possibilities if put in the public domain.
sophocles, Feb 17 2006

       What's next? Google Where Did I Leave My Car Keys?
Canuck, Feb 17 2006

       "or simply check to see if your porch light is on." Well, the rest of the idea is possible.   

       If google bought night images (they should be cheap as they're not that useful for remote sensing) then they could do this. You could also have a real-time representation of the border between day and night.
st3f, Feb 17 2006

       what about a google search in China that finds Tiananmen square first before they do anything else?
xenzag, Feb 17 2006

       National Geographic has a great map like this, showing the whole world in darkness.
DrCurry, Feb 17 2006

       //National Geographic has a great map like this, showing the whole world in darkness// I've got an entire scale model of this in the cupboard under the stairs.
coprocephalous, Feb 17 2006

       That's a lot of scales.   

       [DrC] Looks like someone else thought the same thing
Dub, Feb 19 2006

       I like it. You could surf for the 10 worst sources of unneccesary light polution in your neighbourhood, for instance. Or you could find a city with really efficient street lighting, and show your own town council - "See, look what they did". If you like to see the stars at night, you can search yourself out a good place to live.
Heathera, Mar 13 2008

       I'd like to see a zoomable detail map of Luna, the Earth's moon. Could be called "Google Night, Moon," in honor of the beloved children's story. [link]   

       [edit] Looks like Google has done this, plus the rest of the sky. Pretty cool! [link2]
csea, Mar 13 2008


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