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Google Sims

Run a Sims game over Google Earth
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Maybe try to make it as close to reality as possible so the sims correspond to known people and are constantly updated. Or would that not be a game?
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2006


       You are already in that particular sims game, as are we all....
sophocles, Feb 17 2006

       Well, in all fairness then, the sims game was made in a sims game.   

daseva, Feb 17 2006

       I am now looking up at the sky, fearful of seeing a giant cursor, and hearing a loud clicking sound.
Ling, Feb 17 2006

       Funny idea and i agree with ling. The only thing is that google earth doesn't represent homes in 3D so there would be no way to know what they looked like.
squeekyzebra, Feb 17 2006

       Well, [Ian], I'm glad you asked.   

       In a book I read a long time ago, the author used set theory to describe consciousness...   

       If I think about something, I put it in brackets. For a conscious bieng, they must have the capacity to reflect upon themselves, thusly represented by [I]. But, sense the 'I' I am thinking about is capable of reflection, a more accurate representation would be [[I]]. The author representes the infinitly nested idea as what I wrote.   

       I was reminded of this when pondering sims games within sims games.
daseva, Feb 17 2006


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