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Online Clothes Matching Service

Single male empowerment tool
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This system allows people to vote on outfit combinations of top and bottoms so that people who aren't good at matching colors or styles can get a feel for what the popular opinion is. It could be like one of those books where you can turn half pages and dress the doll in a variety of costumes but then it would allow people to score and add comments to different combinations of clothes.

By the way, does purple work with khaki?

JesusHChrist, Aug 08 2008

Garanimals http://www.garanimals.com/about.htm
"Garanimals was founded on a simple but unique concept: to help parents and children coordinate outfits easily. Each animal represents a line within the collection. Each of the distinct animal lines consists of mix and match separates, whose color and style coordinate with any piece within that same animal line. Each animal then becomes an identifier for the simple piecing system." [phoenix, Aug 08 2008]


       Garanimals for Grownups?
phoenix, Aug 08 2008

       Kind of "Am I Hot or Am I Not" for fashion?
normzone, Aug 08 2008


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