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Google Personal Rating

Rate sites on google just for yourself
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An improvement, i believe on the Google Rating idea already posted today. I don't trust other people, but I trust myself. I'd like to be able to vote on sites on google just for myself.

The purpose? How often do you do similar searches on a topic and get the same sites you dont care about on top of the search? This way, you could permanently get them out of your way.

Additionally, it could be done entirely with browser cookies, so there is little overhead on Google's systems. Although, it would be a nice feature to be able to download a file containing your votes and re-upload the file on another computer.

ironfroggy, Jan 03 2003

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       That doesn't actually happen to me very frequently, and you can usually subtract out irrelevant sites with well-chosen negative keywords (or "-site:badsite.com" if all else fails).
egnor, Jan 03 2003


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