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[Sep 27 2000]
 A Coder's Layout
(+2, -3) Auto DJ
 CD Drive with Battery
(+7) Dual Mouse for Input
(+2, -3) Email / IM
(-1) Full EM-Panels
 Google Personal Rating
(-1) hardware volume control
(-1) Hobbyist PDA kit
 HTTP with XML specifics
(+1, -6)(+1, -6) iFrame category lists
(+1) Insurance Bank Account
(+2, -3) Last Minute Flights
(+2, -5) Magnetic Generator
 Microscopic Image Sensor Display Input
(+3) Mini-Eco Farm
 No-bright LCD
 Pressure Controlled Case
(+2, -1) protected disc
(+3) Proximity TouchScreen Freeze
 Public Domain Acquisitioning
(+3, -1) religion
 Self-Running Memory
(+2, -1) spam filter control protocol
(+1) spin massage
(+3, -4) Spruce up the Site with AJAX!
(-1) standard skins
(-3) Tone-Based Output
 Trusted Interface
 Unified Transfer Protocol
 URL tree
(+1) use for scroll lock
 viewer Huh? feature
(-1) voice-mail advertising
(-1) web comic bookmark

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