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Google Swarm

Bright and rolly
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Imagine a collection of about 100 plastic balls, each about the size of a soccer ball -- a bit smaller.

Imagine they were bright red, blue, green, yellow.

Imagine there was an electric car inside each. (You know, those ones with six wheels larger than the body so that there is no such thing as 'flipped on it back, unable to move'.)

Imagine if the cars inside these balls had wifi and in-built swarm intelligence, so that at a trade show, park or technology fair they could swarm in an open space creating interesting patterns that attract attention. Imagine if a nearby touch display allowed you to choose from 5-6 interesting swarm behaviours, including one that occasionally spells out 'Google' in the right colours.

Imagine selling this idea to Google as a marketing toy for a gazzillion Halfbaker Credits!

not_only_but_also, May 16 2012

Independent Autonomous Balls [pocmloc, May 17 2012]


       I remember a robot in an early episode of Robot Wars called Psychosprout which was a remote controlled car inside a papier-mâché sprout. It made a nice change from all the wedge-shaped-plus-flipping-arm robots and managed to get to the final, before getting stuck down a hole due to basically no steering control.
idris83, May 16 2012

       Imagine being at a trade show, park, or technology fair and having your legs taken out from under you as about a hundred red, blue, green, and yellow soccer balls come rampaging around the corner.   

Alterother, May 17 2012

       Now imagine 1 x 10^100 of these things, cluttering up toy stores next Christmas.   

       Though that would be a Googol swarm.
UnaBubba, May 17 2012

       Imagine if the balls were programmed to aggressively herd a crowd to the nearest Russian Literature section at the Library. That would be a Gogol Swarm
oscil8, May 17 2012


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