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portable segway mountain of doom

useful for flat places that could do with a hill
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Fresh from the coming up with the gammonator - a way to stick small pieces of gammon onto people when they aren't looking - I decided to come up with something less practical.

Considering the Segway's talent for balancing, I thought that possibly it could balance on another Segway and (in a very 2D way) so the get your own portable mountain idea was born. As you get to decide the layering on this one, you could decide the way it looks, Fuji, Kilamangiro, Mordor and so on.

Also functional as transportation (in flat areas) hermit mountain retreat, you could you fire up the pc and by wi-fi control drive it down the shops for 20 B&H when you run out.

So, functional as your own Mordor mountain of doom, or eventual de facto mountain of doom when one of the ones at the bottom gets a seized bearing as you're driving it down the shops..

Incidentally, when typing in Mordor on google, I omitted the first r and got "Missouri Department of Revenue"...it all means something...

not_morrison_rm, May 09 2011

Two Balancing Robots one balancing on the other http://www.youtube....watch?v=158ahNCe_fM
Looks like the ones on top will need a substantial platform to shimmy about on [idris83, May 10 2011]


       Ludicrously dangerous and inadvisable.   

       We would pay a pound to watch someone else do this, however.   

8th of 7, May 09 2011

       //We would pay a pound to watch//   

       Would that be a Pound, when it was actually worth something, like before 2007?   

       I see this idea taking off and available at all Hertz dealers. "So, have you got a Kilimangiro?" "Sorry mate, all booked out for the weekend. Tell you what, I could do you a Snowdonia".
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2011

       This product migh possibly sell well in the Netherlands.
8th of 7, May 09 2011

       //This product migh possibly sell well in the Netherlands//   

       I see a new sport here, "Netherlands mountain catching up with and climbing" (the slogan does need a bit of working on I admit) first you have to chase the mountain on your bicycle and then leap off onto the mountain and climb it. Must be why they are called mountain bikes I suppose?
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2011


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