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Google User Rating

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Have a button next to every search result in Google. Registered users may give a rating to any website listed in Google on a scale of 1 to 10. They can change their rating later, as in Halfbakery. I was thinking of annotations but I guess that would take up too much space.

And if any website contains child pornography, or encourages bomb-making or terrorist activities, the user can tick a box in the rating form that will alert Google. Google can then decide whether to ban it or alert the relevant authorities.

baboo, Apr 30 2002

vivisimo http://vivisimo.com
halfbakery came in at: Yahoo 1st, Netscape 1st, AskJeeves 1st, WiseNut 1st, Lycos 1st, AOL 1st. We're #1! [thumbwax, Apr 30 2002]

Increase your website ranking in Google http://www.subia-se..._search_engine.html
This was however only 9th in a search for "search engine tricks google". [pottedstu, Apr 30 2002]


       So then the porn sites create 'bots which create memberships at Google, vote for their own site then vote for the site(s) of anyone else who has paid to use the 'bot.   

       Googles ratings can be tampered with now. This would only make things worse.
phoenix, Apr 30 2002

       How about only allowing negative votes? I guess that could equally be abused by rival sites, but only in a 'mutually assured destruction' kind of way.
sadie, Apr 30 2002

       Its actually quite easy to simulate the effect of voting on google - there are ways to increase the prominence of your URL, and therefore its perceived popularity, since google indexes hyperlinks to documents as well as the documents themselves. Its a common technique amongst hackers and pornographers. I am, however, obviously far too responsible to detail exactly how to do this here.
mcscotland, Apr 30 2002


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