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Google searcher app

Gets the information from google and adds it up intelligently
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Instead of reading 50 whole articles to get to your info it realizes you wanted to know how many carbs in a regular apple.

It first clarifies with you what you are searching for (a single number). It verifies which units you'll be looking for (grams).

It categorizes the results (sites that reply per 100 g, sites that give a table with choice of large small and medium, and attach the weight of those in grams ) It then figures what else it needs to know in order to give you a complete answer:

It finds out what kinds of apples exist? and what kind of apples are sold in your area, so it can show you some choices and ask you what kind of apple you ate?
Then it needs to find out what percentage of the apple is eddible, and if you ate a whole fruit or only some slices?

Accordingly it will give you the number you were looking for.

Or if it can't it will set up a web page with the options so you can easily refine your request and it can recalculate a result closer to what you are seeking.

pashute, Feb 09 2022


       Google doesn't do that for me, but I delete cookies, block scripts, and block ads so I may be getting a different result. But even with scripts and ads permitted I don't get that at google.com.
Voice, Feb 09 2022

       Yes, Google has an inbuilt units converter and "1 apple carbs" shows their calculation. Google love you long time.
4and20, Feb 10 2022


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