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Hastalavista, deadlink

Automatic removal of dead links
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I like Altavista. It's my fave search engine. BUT... It still has problems with dead links. I propose that, every time someone goes to a link, altavista checks whether they make it or not. If the link is down, this is noted in an index. Once a link is listed a certain number of times, the link is removed.
QuadAlpha, Feb 05 2002


       Croissant for the name. Idea is good but the name really caught my eye.
bluerowan, Feb 05 2002

       Altavista (or any other owner of a webpage with links in it) can't see whether you "make it" or not. The only way it could know that those links fail would involve either considerable javascript and an invasion of privacy, or a separate effort to connect on altavista's part, and they already do that (when their search engine visits pages.)
jutta, Feb 05 2002

       a quick ping might suffice, and wouldn't take up too much bandwidth.
neilp, Jul 19 2003


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