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Gooseneck Scooter Handlebars

For the Easy Rider in You
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You've seen gooseneck handlebars on motorcycles, right? Well, why not for scooters? It'll make riding it a bit harder (a lot harder if you go extreme), but it looks cool, anyway. You could extend the front wheel fork too, for that little extra 'chopper' look.
galukalock, Mar 09 2003


       Believe me, it exists. (My son demonstrated it to me.) (Shortly before he broke his scooter.)
DrCurry, Mar 09 2003

       *galukalock zooming down the highway on his goose-neck scooter w/ motor attached, thinks, (uh oh turn up ahead), fails to negotiate curve, BLAM! hears sirens in the distance*
smileydudette, Mar 09 2003

       If you wanna get extreme, you could take that wimpy ol' gas-powered scooter and tack on a nitrous kit.
galukalock, Mar 13 2003

       Does the phrase "Darwin Awards" ring a bell?
X2Entendre, Mar 14 2003

       // wimpy ol' gas-powered scooter and tack on a nitrous kit. //   

       How about a couple of solid-fuel rocket motors ?   

       Oh for heaven's sake [X2Entendre], will you shut the damn bell off ? We can't here ourselves think down here in R & D ....
8th of 7, Mar 14 2003

       So you're not talking pushable scooters here, but powered ones. Ah, I see.
PeterSilly, Mar 14 2003

       could I give my skate board a chopper stylee?
howlingq, Mar 14 2003

       Initially, I thought of this for push-scooters, but when 'Bubba mentioned 'extreme riding', my mind wandered.
galukalock, Mar 14 2003

       You're right [8th], R&D is R&D, let applications worry about safety issues. Let's knock ourselves out!! (literally)

I've stifled the bell and I'm now requesting a carburetor that's jetted for an ethanol/castor oil mixture, a tuned exhaust system complete with expansion chamber and a Nitrous Oxide fogger, (or ether, if that's a bit more handy). I also suggest the rider wear some of [Farmer John]'s nifty stilt shoes just to get the center of gravity up as high as possible.

Obviously, a helmet would look ridiculous with this ensemble, so let's skip that and sport a mohawk or mullet with lots of hair gel instead, ok?

Before riding, I think it would be appropriate for one to say "Hey everybody! Watch this!" <G>
X2Entendre, Mar 14 2003


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