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Extensible Motorcycle

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Ever wished you could sit more than two people on a motorcycle (without needing acrobatic skills)?

How about a motorcycle with a flexible-extensible mid-section, which you can elongate to add space for two more riders, without sacrificing too much mobility or maneuverability? The extension can also create a hollow space beneath the new ‘seats’, which can serve as temporary storage space. When the extension is not in use, it can be collapsed into an ordinary motorcycle again.

Alternatively, create a single-seat unicycle which you can attach (and lock for safety) to the rear of a motorcycle, or another unicycle... In effect, you can keep elongating it until the whole thing becomes too unwieldy. The single-seat unicycle will also come with as hooks, belts and sucker cups that allow you to hitch your unicycle to another vehicle for a ride.

baboo, Apr 29 2002

Modular n-cycle http://www.halfbake...a/Modular_20n-cycle
Jeremi's unicycular thing (without engine). [st3f, Apr 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       \\\Ever wished you could sit more than two people on a motorcycle////
IvanIdea, Apr 29 2002

       //without sacrificing too much mobility or maneuverability//
Stick one pillion on the back and the handling already goes soggy on all but the biggest bikes.

       (and, didn't we do this already)?
[checks...] The last paragraph starting 'Alternatively...' is covered quite well by Jeremi's 'Modular n-cycle' (see link).
st3f, Apr 29 2002

       my partner was given one season to get her bike license and a bike, which she gladly did. even two up on a bike is a pain. this way we each get to see everything.
rbl, Apr 29 2002

       So, instead of just being "suicycles", you're proposing a potential "multiple murder-cycle"....I'm sure this, too, will have its legion of romantic followers, but from my viewpoint you've taken a vehicle which is inherently unsafe at any speed (economical, exciting and fun, yes; safe, no) and just proposed to make it more unsafe for a larger audience. Will be interesting to see if you're able to get any insurer to provide coverage on one of these contraptions.
jurist, Apr 30 2002

       The Geno SideCar
IvanIdea, Apr 30 2002

       [jurist], not to break into a rant, and get off topic, but have you ever owned a motorcycle?? it isn't a corvair! as with all things, motorcycles are not dangerous the riders are. riding for over 17 years and have only ever had one accident, entirely my fault for doing something stupid (railway tracks+rain=stitches). The great thing about motorcycles, unlike cars, the bad drivers are quickly weeded out. evolution of the fittest.
rbl, Apr 30 2002

       rbl, I think you proved my point. I have yet to meet anybody who has ridden a cycle with regularity for more than a few years who has never laid his bike down, even if he managed to walk away from the accident with only minor bruises and abrasions. Conversely, I know many car drivers who have been driving for 40, 50, 60 years and have not yet had their first accident. I said "unsafe at any speed" because while I have never been a regular rider, I did once suffer the embarassment of having a big BMW touring cycle fall over on me off its kickstand while at rest, and not being able to extricate my foot from underneath it without help...Of course, that might have been because we were all laughing too hard.
jurist, Apr 30 2002

       Just having got a bike again after 20 years of not having got a bike, I agree with blissmiss--albeit from a masculine perspective. And heck yes they're dangerous. But I haven't seen bikers talking on cell phones whilst riding, nor eating burgers, nor have I heard of them falling asleep at the handlebars. And with the right helmet your sense of what's going on in traffic around you, both visually and aurally, is quite acute. You pays your money and you takes your risks.   

       Back on-topic: there are piggy-back units for bicycles which hitch to the seatpost and have a smaller trail-along wheel and a seat for a child to ride, very much like baboo's attachable unicycle version. I saw one on a tandem bicycle once, which makes it a 3-person inline bike. Never seen more than one piggyback on a single bike, though.
Dog Ed, May 01 2002


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