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Hybrid Motorcycle

Hybrid 4 wheel Motorcycle
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Basic design concept. The creation of a fast, fuel efficient, military viable scout vehicle. 3 feet wide (7 feet wide is stub wings)x 14 feet in length.

A four wheel motorcycle, where each set of 2 wheels that are adjecent to each other seperated by a narrow bridge of 6 inches. (See Dodge Tomahawk for wheel alignment)

Each wheel is 12 inches wide with a raised (1/4 inch) strengthed centerline section tuned for road movement. The remaining traction component is used in offroad environments. The road section is supported by an air bladder. The off road section is supported by a self sealing gel.

Each wheel set has an in-hub electrical drive motor. Each wheel group is steerable and the suspension system is via Boise active system system.

Frame height is adjustable from 12 to 20 inches. Primary electrical power comes from a single rotary engine generator placed along the centerline of the main body. Boost power comes from super capasitors located in the hollow frame tubing.

Crew compliment is two, arranged in tandem alignment, with the second cockpit being 18 inches higher then the first.

Low speed stability is achieved via a ring gryo, and automated fuel ballast system & side mounted stability wheels. At speed, stability is enhanced via a rear mounted wing and side mounted stub wings which also house the side stability wheels.

Stub wings extend outward 2 feet each. Stability wheels are mounted at the tips of the stub wings.

Talchar1, May 04 2005

One Wheel Short http://www.aprilia....e/eng/magnet.phtml#
Something like this, mayhaps? [justaguy, May 06 2005]

Hybrid Motorycle http://www.exhaust-...bike-wont-sell.html
Baked, but doesn't mean it will sell! [exhaust-notes, May 16 2008]

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multifeatured rotary engine [rotary, May 17 2008]


       Well... it looks cool, but what are its advantages?
david_scothern, May 04 2005

       It sort of says "draw me".
reensure, May 04 2005

       The thing has a two-foot track width, it won't need training wheels or a ring gyro at low speed. At high speed, it stabilizes just like any other motorcycle, so it won't need rear mounted or stub wings. A raised centerline bit on the tire will very quickly wear down to the level of the rest of the tire.   

       If the swing arms can articulate in and out ( to give it a wide wheelbase when necessary, such as moving along the side of a hill ), this would absolutely rock. As it is, it sounds more like an art project than a practical vehicle.
Freefall, May 04 2005

       Source for this concept is to make a ground version of an attack helocpter.   

       As a vehicle it would have the advantages of good gas milage, decent speed, and a narrow profile for better manuverability in urban settings.   

       Stability- I was not sure how stable it would be, as it would be rather top heavy. I did not concider the concept of articulating the wheel spacing.   

       Power would come from a compact rotary generator. (Mollar Skycar)
Talchar1, May 05 2005

       The Hummer is not a ground version of the Apache. It is a general purpose cargo carrier. It is true that the current incarnation is more or less a light tank.   

       At issue, is that the Hummer is a fuel hog, with poor visibility, manuverability & acelleration. Its layout is inefficent, and its engine mounts snap far to easily
Talchar1, May 06 2005

       If I understand your concept correctly, it may be on its way to being baked - especially the in-hub electrical drive motor. See Aprilla link.
justaguy, May 06 2005

       The Aprilla is conceptually simular. Though I would have four primary wheels along the centerline. In addition, the rider would sit higher.   

       The Aprilla tilt wheel concept it interesting. In my concept the stub wing wheels are mounted on steerable gimbals, allowing those wheels to support the vehical in sharp turns and in low speed environments, add additional torque power and reduce the ground pressure, enabling better off road driving.
Talchar1, May 08 2005

       I'm not sure that rotary engines, active suspension and supercapacitors are the last word in battlefield reliability.
david_scothern, May 09 2005

       Rotary engines have superior weight to power ratios and lower maintence requirements. Through in multi-fuel capasity and you have a winner. Yes, they have issues with burning and leaking oil, but a good fault tolarance program will deal with that. Multiple Aerogel supercapasitors set up in a paralle circuit have it all over batteries. Now active suspensions, you have a point. Then again, I would image that the M1 tanks stabilization system is a bear too.
Talchar1, May 10 2005

       //Rotary engines have superior weight to power ratios and lower maintence requirements// And lots and lots of military vehicles use them.
There's the... [cue [talchar1] to fill in the blanks]
coprocephalous, May 16 2008

       Well, almost all rotary engines have significant failures inherent with their own configuration. In response to that, I've created a truly revolutionary rotary engine - it fits perfectly well to the efficiency, versatility and compactness of a truly impeccable performance-driven hybrid motorcycle still of the future, as of the moment.   

       For anyone who can't wait, study my rotary engine configuration. (See link) It is already a covert race to usher it to the future.
rotary, May 17 2008


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