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Gopher Bash Pals

Gopher game boards are slightly interactive.
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Gopher bash is a simple game. A grid of holes lies in front of you, while you sit and wait for a gopher (fake) to jump out of one of the holes and you commence to bash the hell out of it. Good stuff. The setup of this game is exactly the same, but the interplay is different.

I have a gopher grid, and so do a bunch of my friends, at varying locales. I have a group of gophers which are popped up every morning when I wake up. Each of these gophers, when smashed, sends a signal to a different friend's board that pops up a correspoding gopher on her board. Also, I can send a message for the gopher to say something, repeated when the reciever initiates her board. They hear the message, hit the gopher, and it's either sent back, or onto a third party, depending on the preset arrangements (which can be changed at any time). The result is an abstract, entertaining, slightly confusing way to interact with friends across arbitrary distances.

daseva, Jul 22 2005


       Can you play tunes on them? A couple of these would have made "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" into a much better movie.
[+], very much so yes.
moomintroll, Jul 22 2005


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