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International Dock-Yard Dominoes

Dominoes on a grand scale......
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I'm proposing an international dominoes tournament between the bigger dock- yards of the world.

The dominoes will of course be a set of containers, each painted up nicely with an ivory white background and large round black dots, of about one foot in diameter.

Skilled crane operators will lift them into position on the side of the dock. Video links will relay the moves to the opposing team, and each side will mirror create a full board for the benefit of spectators.

Once a year all the dominoes will be collected together and shipped off to the winning country, where they will be stacked up in lines, and tumbled down as a grand finale.

xenzag, Dec 12 2006

caravan conkers http://www.youtube....atch?v=Z_KiXnyoXuQl
similar idea [kinemojo, Dec 13 2006]



Texticle, Dec 12 2006

       Dr. X You have an amazing mind, what sir do you do for a living?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 12 2006

       //for a living// eating, breathing and lots of running, lots of talking - thank you for your generous compliments. [Chefboybored] (in the presumption that I may be Dr. X) .
xenzag, Dec 13 2006


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