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Intelligent Boggle Timer

Because a flat 3 minutes is never right
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This digital boggle timer optically scans the letters on the cubes and allows more time if the board contains lots of S's, T's, R's, E's, etc., and shorter times if the board has bad letters.

Simply hold it over the board, wait for the beep, and begin to play.

phundug, Jan 21 2008


       [neutral] maybe, I don't think I've ever played Boggle, but seems to me that the lay of the board is another strategic item.
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2008

       Justice for Boggle players! If only we could remove the element of chance completely, we could put the game on a par with chess and have it finally taken seriously. Boggle grandmasters from across the world could finally compete for national prestige in Cold War-esque tournaments in the centre of packed stadiums (stadia?).   

       Hang on... why less time if the board has bad letters? Surely you want more time?
moomintroll, Jan 21 2008

       With poor letters, you have exhausted the potential words sooner. Or, at least, that's the premise behind the idea (I think).
Jinbish, Jan 21 2008

       Yep, with bad letters you end up sitting there doing nothing for half the remaining time. Whereas with rich letters it takes so long to write down the millions of crappy words (seat, meat, peat, tame, same, tapes, apes, etc.) that you never get around to looking for the long words that you know are in there.
phundug, Jan 21 2008

       //get around to looking for the long words//   

       Ah - but that's a strategic element.
Jinbish, Jan 21 2008


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