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Government Issue Skivvies

Life, Liberty, and Frilly Knickers
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As an American, I am used to a government that gives me everything I want (more Bush in the White House!), nothing I need (health care), and an odd assortment of things I never even considered (airline deregulation). It's time to change all that. It's time for a politician that will stand up and take on an issue that is very close to our, um, hearts. That's right, free socks and underwear for all natural citizens (immigrants may be eligible after a 5 year naturalization period)! We have the right; what can be more inalienable than tight waistbands and un-holed socks? How can we be proud with our toenails (or worse) sticking out front, hitching up our sagging, stained undergarments? By God, the government should take care of its citizens. I think they already have something like this in the UK and Canada. If that’s not a good enough reason, I don’t know what is!
drdan, Aug 21 2002

The Wiggles http://www.cnn.com/...01/15/aust.wiggles/
I'm ashamed I come from the same country [madradish, Aug 21 2002]


       //Government Issue Skivvies//
...or you could just join the Wiggles...

       (nb: to me skivvies=turtlenecks)
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       //I think they already have something like this in the UK//
Not that I'm aware of.
Also, in UK, skivvy = domestic servant.
angel, Aug 21 2002

       I was unaware of the collision between this Anglicism and my own local idiom. "Skivvy" is underwear where I am from. The UK/Canada thing is tongue-in-cheek, as is the rest of the idea.   

       Aren't the Teletubbies the larval form of the Wiggles?
drdan, Aug 21 2002

       Actually, this idea is not tongue-in-cheek. It starts out with an openly absurd title and elaborates on that; there's no twist. At least I think that's why it's not working on me as humor, in spite of some nicely written details.
jutta, Aug 21 2002

       So...you thought the details were nicely written? Great! (Hey, I'm not getting many buns here. I've got to see the positive where I can.)
drdan, Aug 22 2002


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