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Graffiti Steet Cleaner

Street Cleaner/Washer with a message
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This idea is to fund municipalities thereby keeping my taxes low. Street cleaners would be outfitted with an array of colored chalk dispensers on the rear so that after it cleans the roadway it "prints" advertizing on the road using 3 colors of chalk in the same way an inkjet printer does. A municiple website would allow advertizers to use a java applet to design their own road-graffiti which would be uploaded via wireless to the street cleaner when it is parked for the evening. Cons: a dashed yellow line veering left might be confusing to some drivers; A.I. would be needed to weed out confusing/pornographic designs. Doesn't work in the rain/snow.
WhiteWiz, May 07 2004

The inspiration http://wireless.web...y/7559113812378657/
bicycle using the same principle [WhiteWiz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       For sure there’d be a lot of advertisements for personal injury lawyers.
ldischler, May 07 2004

       "wow honey, they're doing a 2 for 1 deal over at the..." (cue loud automobile accident sound).
eyeguy, May 07 2004

       Now I want to see what "confusing/pornographic" would look like when done in pavement chalk. Where's [benfrost] when we need him?
pertinax, May 20 2007

       And what if it covers over directional arrows, lane markings, or other necessary road safety symbols? Or is advertising more important?
Pinuzzo, Aug 03 2013


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