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Advertising:evil would be mostly redundant.
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Going beyond the mild evil of sending advertisements via unsolicited email, this business would imprint its ads onto the fabric of our towns and cities! Graffiti "artists" would be paid to scrawl URLS with messages on them upon other people's property and send in a photo to verify. Messages could be chosen by venue, and wouldn't have to be related to the contents of the URL. In the bathroom of a factory: Unions suck! totallyrelatedurl.com. In a restaurant's bathroom: Better food at thisistotallyarestraunt.biz

More direct messages could also be vandalized into existence: My Ford breaks down every 3 months; my computer sucked until I bought a new memory card
Voice, May 10 2021

IBM gets $100,000 fine for 'Peace, Love and Linux' campaign https://www.zdnet.c...and-linux-campaign/
Article about a 2001 graffiti-as-ad incident. Make sure your ad service charges enough $$$ to pay fines! [lahosken, May 11 2021]


       You can't click on a tag, and few people actually type in urls, so the image wpuld have to include a neatly sprayed QR code.   

       You'ld probably need a stencil.
pertinax, May 11 2021

       It would be cooler if you could spray a QR-code by having a special nozzle on the spray can to make the paint come out in a QR-code pattern, but this probably isn't possible
hippo, May 11 2021

       Of course it's possible, it would work like an inkjet printer. I'm sure that kind of thing has been discussed on here before.
pocmloc, May 11 2021

       You folks do realize that this is exactly how visual advertising along roadways started in the first place right?   

       The coke pedllers selling Coca Cola paid farm owners during the depression to let the artists, (they also paid), to paint murals on any barn-front facing a major traffic artery.   

       Art was cheap back then.
I'm betting that it's going that way again.



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