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Memory stick advertising

Freebie with a purpose
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A USB memory stick is given free.
The user inserts it and the USB interrogation hooks the operating system to display the contents of an advertising file held on part of the memory stick.
This part of the memory stick cannot be erased or re-formatted.

The rest of the stick can be used as normal.

I saw that Audi did something similar, but it required the user to load in drivers from the CD ROM, and I think it might have been erasable.

Ling, Sep 30 2005


       I've been given memory sticks as advertising, with the company's logo on the stick (actually, it was a keychain fob).   

       While I would find the repulsion factor of a vendor trojan horsing ads onto my screen would be enough to stop me ever using that vendor again, I guess the PC vendors do it all the time.
DrCurry, Sep 30 2005

       It would be nice for the USB drive to be able to set the icon that is used to represent itself. (no idea if this is possible even as a single operating system solution).   

       That way the company could continue the branding that is on the outside of the device right onto your desktop. They would still to have your attention as you use the device without annoying you with popups and the like.
st3f, Sep 30 2005

       DrCurry, Aha! Then I could send you memory sticks with all my competitor's ads, safe in the knowledge that you would not choose them?
However, I think that st3f may be on the right track.
Ling, Oct 04 2005

       would be good for movie and game trailers..they could give them out at train stations
simonj, Feb 22 2012

       This would annoy the shit out of me.
Alterother, Feb 22 2012

       But as they are being given away for free, they wouldn't be very large. Who needs another 2 gig stick? I've got my eye on one of those Patriot Magnum 128 gig. Mmmmmm! An OS install and room for my whole music collection, in FLAC.   

       Be a good idea for me to use though, if I ever get into computer repair full time. You can buy small capacity flash drives in bulk for very cheap.   

       One 2.66 gHz bun.
Psalm_97, Feb 23 2012

       As has been suggested, just put the logo on the reusable stick, and forget the Trojan adverts.   

       Advertisers could include some interesting adverts on the stick, such as movie trailers, that customers would choose to watch (or spicy versions of TV ads (like Go-Daddy currently teases folks to go online for)), or really helpful links and software. Appeal, rather than force (pull them in, rather than push).   

       I like the flat sticks that have no case or collar, that fit in my wallet--they should be cheaper, and still hold a logo.   

       Users could trade small, cheap sticks about for transferring smaller amounts of information, as the disposable sticks suggested elsewhere. "You like that song? Here it is." "Yes, I really have enjoyed your chat-up lines. Here's my phone numbers and e-mail and even a brief vid of me dancing."
baconbrain, Feb 23 2012


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