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miniature Online ads.

Miniature ads means more ads.
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Basically, they're ads that are miniature, and zoom when you move your mouse over them, so that ads are so much smaller and you can have less pop-ups, and more space on your site. (I was thinking that they would be minaiature normal ads, but they grew when you move your mouse over it.)
Hankosha, May 06 2003


       Anything that responds to mouse movements will bog the computer down. I have the WSJ site as a home page, and its Flash ads more than quadruple the load time for the page (the ad is usually off to the races before the page has even partially loaded).   

       Just using smaller ads, with links to the relevant page, seems just as likely to garner eyeballs, and much less intrusively. Note that Google has had much success with plain text ads.
DrCurry, May 06 2003

       Deep breaths, [reensure]! In and out!
[Hankosha], look what you've done! I hope you're happy!
k_sra, May 06 2003

       Since when do Satanic advertising people care about bogging our computers down? This idea is so evil, it's probably being baked right now.   

       I really hate this. Here's your damn croissant.   

       [Curry]: Surely there's a way to defeat that Flash ad stuff? Doesn't the Opera browser let you turn it off?
snarfyguy, May 06 2003

       Sites must be paid a fortune for those ads -- how else would they allow other sites to obscure their content, and generate the animosity of site visitors? Now, I've definitely seen small ads that get huge on mouseover, so it's baked. I have not got them recently, due to a very effective popup killer.

//Google has had much success with plain text ads//
[krelnik], don't search engines place web sites higher in their rankings in exchange for a fee? Or have I confused it with my own twisted scheme to make a killing on the internet?
Amos Kito, May 06 2003

       kinda- baked. roller-over Flash Ads that get bigger when you roll over them.
mahatma, May 06 2003

       I pictured it as a small pop-up that runs away from your mouse so you can't close it.
snarfyguy, May 06 2003

       mmmm... greasy bloated feeling.
Worldgineer, May 06 2003

       //Surely there's a way to defeat that Flash ad stuff?//
One thing I do is segregate domains exist only for serving ads into the 'Restricted Sites' category in IE. That zone is not allowed to do anything---no ActiveX, no Javascript, no nothing. That kills alot of the Flash ads, though not all of them since some mega-sites like Yahoo and the NYTimes actually serve the ad content off their own servers.
krelnik, May 06 2003

       snarfy: Opera turns out to be spyware. I was using Mozilla to filter ads on my home PC, but then the latest release crashed the New Window component, making it useless. And on this PC, I'm stuck with MSIE.
DrCurry, May 06 2003

       I say limit the size of all web ads to 50 by 50 pixels. No zooming, no imitating error messages, no animation. If you can't attract my interest in 2500 pixels, don't bother.
Cedar Park, May 06 2003


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