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Graphical Candy

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Graphical Candy consists of a thick, rectangular slab of white candy, covered on one side with a very thin layer of black or coloured candy, and then by a thin layer of white candy.

By means of very precise licking of the topmost white layer and underlying black layer, it should be possible to draw any desired image, limited only by the resolution of the tongue.

[EDIT: In line with the current zeitgeist, I should also mention that the candy comes wrapped, ironically, in plain paper which has absorbed the sound of passing bicycles.]

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2014

More thin film technology Graduated_20Bar_20Soap
(+) [normzone, Dec 11 2014]


       What is 'candy'? Some Colonial abomination, no doubt.
pocmloc, Dec 11 2014

       I would like to have a go with artist's paint brushes wetted with my saliva. Three D also possible.
cudgel, Dec 11 2014

       //What is 'candy'? Some Colonial abomination, no doubt.// I was trying to convey the concept of a flat boiled sweet, but as far as I can tell, "candy" is a generic term for such.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2014

       Future Versions:   

       Lined for composers, Graph paper for engineers   

       Sugar free for diabetics, Boxes and fill in the blanks for bureaucrats   

       Banana flavored for lab rats and monkeys   

       Pregnancy testing for you know who.
popbottle, Dec 11 2014

       Also available - attachments for your tongue to enable you to do halftone shading.
hippo, Dec 12 2014

       Too bad if you have an irresolute tongue.
pertinax, Dec 12 2014

       // very thin layer of black ... candy //   

       Graphene ?   

       A layer of graphene interfoliated into a slab of white chocolate would seem to meet the requirement.
8th of 7, Dec 12 2014

       Suddenly I'm hungry for cotton candy, pulled into the rough shape of a p-orbital.
RayfordSteele, Dec 12 2014


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