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Super Red Vines

Reds and Blacks
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The newest candy sensation to hit the market could be nitrous oxide filled hollow liquorices. It would make your movie going sensation… Sensational!
em-tae, May 15 2002


       Not much volume in one of those. Maybe amyl or butyl nitrate would work better.
bristolz, May 15 2002

       *sigh* Obviously you're not a diver. That's the worst feeling in the world when you associate it with dying horribly.
Madcat, Oct 24 2003

       [Madcat], I also feel pretty bad when I eat Red Vines. Plus anything you lick afterwards turns red. Including scuba regulators, I imagine.
bungston, Oct 24 2003

       I don't actually associate Red Vines with death and dying. It's Nitrous Oxide that scares the hell out of me. But I agree with you, they are horrid. (And yeah, I guess they'd gum up a regulator pretty good too.)
Madcat, Oct 24 2003


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