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Gravel Moat

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Cats dislike walking on gravel. So, to keep your couch from being shredded by naughty felines, invest in a Gravel Moat. Modular in design, the connecting shallow trays allow you to build a moat of any size and shape, to place around soft and not-so-soft furnishings, to confound the attempts of your cat to render unsaleable your moveable property.
calum, Aug 06 2007

Cat clogs Geta_20Cats
for getting across gravel moats [k_sra, Aug 06 2007]

Q: How to keep cats off gravel? http://nz.answers.y...070611193623AA8it11
Looks like theNakedApiarist got it right. [jutta, Aug 07 2007]


       i also dislike walking on gravel (barefooted). what can we do about that?
k_sra, Aug 06 2007

       Hm....maybe it's k_sra who has been scratching up calum's sofa...?
DrCurry, Aug 06 2007

       i think i can safely say that i am not a pussy-footer. : )   

       and anyways, i just figured out why the cat's are wearing clogs. (link)
k_sra, Aug 06 2007

       Cats crap in gravel. You are proposing a litter tray that can be assembled round your furniture.
theNakedApiarist, Aug 06 2007

       I have to agree with [theNakedApiarist] but the idea of furniture surrounded by moats of gravel sporting the odd cat turd appeals to me even more. A most excellent idea of halfbaked supremeness +
xenzag, Aug 06 2007

       Can you keep my dog off the couch? I've tried everything (except shooting him - which would likely be quite effective).
wagster, Aug 07 2007

       Have you tried fire ? Most animals are very wary of flaming furniture.
xenzag, Aug 07 2007

       Cats can jump at least as far as humans, so the moat would be pretty wide, like a carpet of gravel with a thin clear path down the centre of the room for the cat to walk on, so more of a Japanese zen garden cat deterrent.   

       What cats really hate walking on is anything sticky, so a fortuitously named Duck Tape Moat would be ideal. Otherwise make a Marmoat (AUS. Vegimoat) for a yeasty deterrent.
marklar, Aug 07 2007

       Why, though, should a cat-owning householder necessarily object to having, around his or her couch, an ever-changing, yet untouched-by-human-hand zen garden, generated naturally by the cat or cats, the hitherto necessary rocks replaced with filth? Why does this have to be seen as a bad thing? Advantages are galore - and not just style points! For just one example, the cat filth zen garden would not, unlike its traditional rock counterpart, present a toe-stubbing hazard.   

       Alternatively, you could fill the trays with, as marklar suggests, alternative materials, such as Araldite, guacamole (for parties!) or the acrid yellow stream of your post-prandial micturation.
calum, Aug 07 2007

       The smell? The slightly sweet smell of the shite, you mean, as it sits, glistening amid the grey gravel? Really? Cripes. Surely, though, as cat owners seem largely unconcerned with or oblivious to the various other cat-based smells that permate their homes, one more odour shouldn't take too long to get used to, to tune out, as it were, from the range of olfactorily sensible stenches?
calum, Aug 09 2007

       sooo, calum, your sig.oth. has a cat? Dont' fret. they only live 19 years or so. Cheers luv.
dentworth, Aug 09 2007

       Sig.Oth (as I shall now henceforth, forever and in all circumstances call her) has deffo not got a cat and, were she to have one, she would at definitely have difficulty breathing, most likely break out in a rash, probably be hospitalised and possibly die. Our home would have a gravel/fire/Marmite moat, were it not securely cat-free, two storeys up.
calum, Aug 09 2007

       ah, well good 'nuff, bun for the effort then.
dentworth, Aug 09 2007

       [calum], it does cause one to wonder why you've got cats on the brain then...
k_sra, Aug 09 2007


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