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The Moat Company

Well They Have to Come From Somewhere.
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A company who are hired for the only purpose of building a superior moat for you and your loved ones. Sure you could get someone to do it with other home improvements for a slightly lower cost, but the job wouldn't be as professional.

You could of course build one yourself cheaply but shirley anyone who would seriously want a moat probably wouldn't be the DIY type.

N.B. This may be baked already. I can't make hide nor hair from google in this regard.

hidden truths, Jul 30 2005


       it would have to be a pretty small moat, my damp course is only about one metre.
po, Jul 30 2005

       I imagine most swimming pool excavators could handle the job rather neatly. I'm assuming that you'd want a "modern" moat. That is, given today's housing codes (compared to those of the 11th century, for example) you would want a moat that was properly chlorinated, filtered, and recirculating to control pests, biogens and malodors. Further, being environmentally conscious, you'd want a structurally reinforced sealed bottom so that you would not have to endure the expense or waste of having to constantly refill the moat, and to protect the foundation of your home from erosion and water penetration. Naturally, you would want to install underwater lights so that your sentries could more easily spot and repel nightime raiders. They could even install an infinity edge for esthetics, or perhaps a system of KreepyKrawler pool cleaners disguised to look like moat monsters, if that's more to your taste.
jurist, Jul 30 2005

       oh, a sealed bottom is essential.
po, Jul 30 2005

       This month's special: Free portcullis with every third moat!.
gnomethang, Jul 30 2005

       Can we have gators?
goober, Jul 30 2005

       No, Goober, you'll spoil your appetite for dinner.
baconbrain, Jul 30 2005

       "All right, if you'll just sign here.. "Now just wait, this is way over budget" "Sorry, the Serpents were extra, and it was much harder getting the drawbridge aligned than we expected. How about if I throw in boiling oil kettles and a free maintenance plan on the pirhana?
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005


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