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Great North Wall

On blocking Canada's biggest import to the USA
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The good old USA is the unwilling recipient, every year, of many thousands of cubic miles of cold air from Canada. This has many unwanted consequences, mostly blizzards and freezing temperatures in the winter (and tornadoes in the spring). I propose we build a very tall wall, perhaps 10 kilometers high, along the border between the USA and Canada, so that its tropospheric air is prevented from flowing into the USA.

The wall should be transparent, to let sunlight reach Canada through it. I don't have anything against Canadians; I just want their cold air to stay on their side of the border!

Vernon, Jan 04 2011

About the troposphere http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troposphere
Among other things, most weather happens in it. [Vernon, Jan 04 2011]


       AND they steal the duvet at night.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2011

       I thought my hot air would have cancelled out at least some of the cold...   

       The Canadians will retaliate by building a massive fan, 10 km high, to blow all the cold air onto Alaska. And they won't export the good grade of Maple Syrup to the US any more.
hippo, Jan 05 2011

       It's not so easy to keep Canadian exports out of the USA, as Prohibition showed. They'd find some way to smuggle cold air across the border. Maybe tunnels.
mouseposture, Jan 05 2011

       If Canadians were smart, they'd build a pipeline to places where people are willing to pay money for that cold air.   

       Fortunately they have other redeeming characteristics.
Laughs Last, Jan 05 2011

       //they'd build a pipeline to places where people are willing to pay money for that cold air//   

       Air, of any temperature, would fetch a good price in Earth orbit or higher. The Great North Wall should be funnel- shaped, directing the air into a Space Hose.
mouseposture, Jan 06 2011

       Recent weather in the United States has caused me to want to take this old Idea and say, "Hey, think about it!"   

Vernon, Mar 28 2013

       Yeah, you'll come begging for cool air once Global Warming reaaally hits.
AusCan531, Mar 28 2013

       As well as real estate once Florida sinks as a result.
RayfordSteele, Mar 28 2013


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