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Handles For All

Make the world easier to lift
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This certainly isn't a 'let's all' or wi-bni. At least I hope not. But wouldn't life be much easier if certain objects had built-in handles? You wouldn't have to ashamedly ask for help with those big, slippery boxes. Or oblong objects that just seem to 'fold' under your grip. Bulky, half-filled water beds are no big deal. Tall book shelves are no longer a problem if you don't have to tip it at an angle to get a grip underneath. Equip the world with more handles. It'd make a big difference for those of us who don't have biceps the size of tree trunks.
ghillie, Apr 07 2004

Handles For All http://www.shoplet....ffice/db/g5723.html
Get a ball of stout twine, some of these, and you're ready to go! [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Perhaps, a solution http://www.halfbake...ea/Vacuum_20Handles
This idea sucks... [lostdog, Oct 05 2004]

Powr-Grip® http://www.mytoolst...=glass+suction+cups
"Also use these dependable hand cups for moving and positioning anything with a non-porous surface: appliances, patio doors, desks, filing cabinets and vending machines." [Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]


       Don't they have straps for suitcases that have an extra handle on them? Look around at your local airport.
kbecker, Apr 07 2004

ghillie, Apr 07 2004

       While I believe bulky, half-filled waterbeds will always remain a big deal, there is lots of room for improvement when it comes to product design. I get paid to deal with the consequences of those issues, and I will always support efforts to fight design crime, be it venial or cardinal.
normzone, Apr 07 2004

       // This certainly isn't a ... wi-bni. //   

       // But wouldn't life be much easier if //   

       Ah, so it's WLBEI then. Whole nuther thing.
waugsqueke, Apr 07 2004

       Even people with biceps the size of tree trunks have to tilt tall bookshelves at an angle to get a grip underneath. Makes life easier for them too ! ( I wouldn't want anyone feeling left out of the Handle Revolution ). Hurrah! Jolly good ! Enjoymentfullness ! Other long jubilatory words !
blueturtle, Apr 08 2004

       It's not a let's all, it's a y'all, as in would y'all please put handles everywhere we might need them?
oxen crossing, Apr 08 2004

       Maybe handles with nice plastic grips that have really sticky suff on the flat plate kinda thing they're attached to?
Eugene, Apr 09 2004

       Powr-Grip® <link> will grip almost any smooth surface and allow easy carrying. Truly, a Handles for All.
Klaatu, Apr 09 2004

       $55.95, [Klaatu]? Plus having to carry it everywhere? I don't think its worth it. Plus, its like saying that the Wolftronix animatronic tail link bakes the 'Tails for All' idea...
ghillie, Apr 09 2004

       Sorry, I don't think "put handes on things that don't have handles" is a suitable idea for the bakery.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2004

       I just cannot handle double negatives.
po, Apr 10 2004

       Joe Pantoliano says everone needs a handler.
DrJake, Apr 10 2004


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