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Greenpeace Island

Build an island and help save the world
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The media has been raising awareness of issue of global warming and its dire consequence including causing the sea level to rise. Now, here is your chance to save the world and reward yourself with an island of your own. Dig into the ocean floor to pile up the earth high enough to form an island. The excess water will fill the hole and keep the sea water level at bay. Ridiculous? Maybe, if you are thinking about Pacific Ocean. Well, but not so far fetched considering the arctic ocean is the shallowest of all. The shallowest depth is just 607 meter above the Lomonosov Ridge in the central Arctic Ocean. This part is unclaimed, right ? To give you some idea, Empire State Building is 448 meter. The tallest building in the world is 508 meter
cocobk, Apr 16 2004


       Waaaaaaait a minute.....doesn't the amount of dirt you pile up displace an amount of water equal to what would fill the hole ? At least until you get above sea level ?   

       Would the amount of energy consumed building the island add to global warming sufficiently to worsen the problem being addressed?
normzone, Apr 16 2004

       Save the world = Build an island   

       Am I missing something here?
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 19 2004


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