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Greenpeace Island-Tuvalu

Greenpeace Island-Tuvalu-revived
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Tuvalu is a small island nation that is going down to become the first piece of inhabitable land amist the crisis of global warming. While the government is suing Australia and USA over CO 2 emission issue, it is a chance to revive our previous "Greenpeace Island" idea to save this nation. People who want to own their own country should confront the Tuvalu government to propose building an archipelago 12 miles around it. 12 miles is based on the British's arbitrary extension of 3 miles to 12 miles as the cutoff line between public and private waters. Building our islands beyond 12 miles away from Tuvalu will make them effectively standalone as individual countries. Our attempt to save this nation might fail at the end but the reward is to be able to own your own country. It might not be habitable but what if we erect a concert skyscaper. Tuvalu has max 5 feet elevation and it is being submerged for this reason. Our skyscaper is more than 500 feet tall. The first 5 feet is inhabitable but 6 feet to beyond is your own jurisdication of paradise.
cocobk, Jul 05 2004


       Alternatively, we could always develop Marlon Brando's island property into a new nation.
RayfordSteele, Jul 05 2004

       Alternatively, we could always develop Marlon Brando into an island nation.
xclamp, Jul 05 2004

       do you mean uninhabitable? or does inhabitable mean habitable in the same way that inflammable means flammable. I am confused.
photojunkie, Jan 30 2005


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