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Group Therapy

Counseling for the Masses
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People need counseling, lots and lots of counseling. But a lot of people think that working one on one with a counseler is for wackos (which most of them are). I'm suggesting something similar to church, except without the whole religion part. Talk about basic problems people have but never notice about themselves (they notice it in others). Things like selfishness, dishonesty, and anger. This is probably baked by the dozen, but it really should be more popular (or advertised or something).
Th3Lung, Feb 27 2005


       Baked by the thousands, actually, with millions of participants. AA, NA, CA... __A, Al-Anon, Alateen...
Shz, Feb 27 2005

       I think of the Halfbakery as my wierdness support group. sorry Jutta...   

       maybe you could change the category to health:mental   

       or culture: self-help: support group   

       just a sug.
dentworth, Feb 27 2005

       I like the selfishness idea. I’d go to a support group that was all about me.
pluterday, Feb 27 2005

       [pluterday] - that would be one-to-one therapy then.
wagster, Feb 27 2005

       [pluter]being a time traveler and having a book about herself, there would probably be some fans along, but then it is called a fan club, not therapy.
dentworth, Feb 27 2005

       Hey [pluter], where had you been?
Pericles, Feb 28 2005


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