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Legal Name Suggester.

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Sorry This is inappropriate, and narcissistic, but I want to change my legal name to something aspirational this year.

Could you give me any ideas? they will be seriously considered.

My Favourites are: 1) Max Vandamme 2) Max Darling 3) Charleston Brawn

bob, Jan 06 2015

Captain Danger Awesome http://www.campaign....co.uk/news/872631/
[calum, Jan 06 2015]

try the random name generator, why should we do the work for you? http://random-name-generator.info/
[xandram, Jan 06 2015]


       Max Thoughtful Actioner
Vernon, Jan 06 2015

       'Bob' sounds good to me (note the capital 'B').
DrBob, Jan 06 2015

       Ruplestiltskin Ellis-Bextor
Brodie, Wilks, Brotchie, Crawford, Littleton, Dundas, Patrick, Tardelli and Hobbs EAME LLP
Tarka Liotta
Fulton Mackay
calum, Jan 06 2015

       3 ) Charleston Brawn with a middle name of Snoopy.   

       Charles Schultz and all the peanuts gang at Peanuts would be impressed.
popbottle, Jan 06 2015

       Max Power
evilpenguin, Jan 06 2015

       You could follow in Prince' footsteps and name yourself the "Beep" ASCII character.
FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2015

       Ass Per Ational ?
xandram, Jan 06 2015

       Something Aspirational.
pocmloc, Jan 06 2015

       Ilettheinternet Pickmyname
MechE, Jan 06 2015

       Heterosexual Camp
pocmloc, Jan 06 2015

       Ripple of Ancient Sunlight.   

       Mose Lee Water.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2015

       [marked-for-deletion] call for list.   

       On that note... there was a guy here who opted to legally change his name to Heywood Jablomie in order to qualify for a radio contest, which he didn't win.
Last I heard he still hasn't been able to afford changing it back.

       Well, the category choice nearly validates the idea as proposed.   

       If it was broadened to create a self help group to support all people with this challenge, it would...invariably generate a list
normzone, Jan 06 2015

       Well in that case I suggest the name Frank Merchant as it translates to straight goods or real deal.   

       Rum Tum Dibbler
Penis Tchaikovsky
Random Nomenclature
Pendulously Atomizing Earwig IV
FlyingToaster, Jan 07 2015

       Shirley the name's Bond - James Bond.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 08 2015

       Bond James-Bond.
pocmloc, Jan 08 2015

       No no no, the first name is Shirley. Although it could be the last name as well.   

       Don Tecalmi Shirley.
RayfordSteele, Jan 08 2015

       Nott tellinyu
pocmloc, Jan 08 2015

       Shirly Yuno
pocmloc, Jan 08 2015

       You probably want a positive-sounding surname like, say, "Winner". But the forename should be euphonious and un-contrived, such as "Michael". I think you couldn't go wrong with that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 08 2015

       Or, on reflection, how about Charlie Hebdo?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 08 2015

       Proud Honorable Determined. You could just go by your initials.
cudgel, Jan 08 2015

       /something aspirational/ I think the most common would be Peanut. Meat Chunk would be second, if you count grownups.   

       This reminds me of that fine Simpson's where Homer changed his name, and also Marge's. I believe he became Max Power, and she, after some false starts, Hootie McBoob.
bungston, Jan 08 2015

       How about choosing a cheap vanity plate, and then changing your real name to match it?
Ling, Jan 08 2015

       Trooper Door or Sing Sing
4and20, Jan 09 2015

       Rex Shaftesbury
calum, Jan 09 2015

       Shaft Rexbury
hippo, Jan 09 2015

       Chest Rockwell
calum, Jan 09 2015

       Darth Jazzhands
calum, Jan 09 2015

       Red Leicester
calum, Jan 09 2015

       Half Baker
pocmloc, Jan 09 2015

       Ewe Sless
pocmloc, Jan 09 2015

       Used List
xandram, Jan 09 2015

       I hear that Morrison RM is available.
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2015

       As is R. Carty.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2015


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