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Help the Normal

It's your duty.
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Sadly, there is within human society a significant group which a specific issue, who receive little or no recognition or help.

There are groups to help all sorts of challenged individuals; those suffering from diseases or developmental disorders, the old, children, drug abusers, alcoholics; there are groups dedicated to the interests of animals, plants, arts, buidings and other "good causes".

But what of the normal ? Who cares for them ? What of those who don't have a disadvantage, those without a group to "belong" to ? They are left wandering, alone and friendless. No bus passes or student railcards; no fund raising benefit dinners or national TV appeals. Their lot is indifference, simply to have their problems ignored by an uncaring society. Can you imagine the trauma and humiliation of being in such a situation, with no-one to talk to who understands, no telephone helplines, no group therapy ? Feel suicidal ? No problem, ring Samaritans ! In pain from some nasty illness ? No problem, a quick google will put you in touch with fellow suifferer and support groups. In debt ? There's help and advice just wating for you to dial the number or click the mouse. Anorexic or obese ? Your doctor will be glad to help.

No wonder the normal feel excluded. There they are, employed, solvent, in good health, a nice home, in a stable relationship or happy on their own, with friends and family, loving pets, and a good social life. Who knows how much they suffer ? Who cares about them ? What can they do ?

Please, please, if you have any compassion in your soul, dig deep now, and Help the Normal .....

8th of 7, Oct 16 2008

Neurotypical Syndrome http://isnt.autistics.org/
Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical [Wrongfellow, Oct 16 2008]


       ... and thus are in an ideal position to help.   

8th of 7, Oct 16 2008

       it's probably called TAX
po, Oct 16 2008

       Ha! [po]. Umm.. well, you don't really provide a program for normal people, but your setup is beautiful, and during it I imagined a group of people sitting around a room before the meeting starts, easily soaking into conversations as normal people do, but ocassionally breaking out with screaming and flagrancy as their program tells them to do, and sharing their normal experiences of the past, and how they have successfully overcome their old middle-of-the-road ways... So the meeting begins:   

       "Hi, my name is Dave, and I'm addicted to normalcy." "Hi, Dave!" "It's been three weeks since I've had my last really normal day, and things are great! Shit, just this morning, I forgot to feed the dog before leaving for work, so I quickly rushed home in between meetings and fed Sparky two double cheeseburgers from MacDonalds, and a milkshake, because I thought maybe dogs loved milkshakes since they like to eat meat. I know I like meat with my milkshakes. Anyways, with extra mayonaisse! He was so sick that he barfed on the carpet. I decided I liked the color so I rubbed it into the carpet and then rolled around in it so I would be used to the smell before I came home after work. My boss said I smelled like crap and I told him to "suck on these nuts!" Whereby I produced a bag of chesnuts I was storing in my pocket for such an occasion. I would have never done that when I was out being normal! I'm so grateful to be here. Thanks for letting me share."
daseva, Oct 16 2008

8th of 7, Oct 16 2008


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