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iron-on QR codes

sheet of iron-on QR codes that identifies childrens' clothing
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Iron-on QR codes link to website that shows the item's owner. No more writing "Ben" and "Charlie" in the coat, the teacher scans in the item with his/her cell phone, and sees the page showing the current owner. I always feel bad for the kids that get the coat from Goodwill (consignment store) after we give it away. This way, the item could be released and a new person could claim ownership on the website.
jeremyFaden, Jan 24 2012


       Ah, bless. Tattooed onto their little foreheads?
Dub, Jan 24 2012

       2004: How to shower with a baby.
2007: How to prevent fingers getting burned on ovens.
2012: How to label clothes for school.

       My, they grow up fast (sniffle).
spidermother, Jan 24 2012

       How long before we see
"Hello, my name is
|., .|
I was formerly known as 'The Artist formerly known as Prince.'"
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2012

       6 year olds start school [spider]?   

       whats wrong with iron on labels?
po, Jan 24 2012

       Preschool (preparatory school), maybe. In fact, the elapsed time is only 5 years and one month. But a "baby" could be up to about one year old. And there's maybe more than one. I don't have all the answers!
spidermother, Jan 24 2012

       Which bit of the child do you iron the code onto?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2012


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