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Growing Baby Doll

Grows and learns, with your love and attention
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Dolls that cry, talk, pee, can be fed, or come with adoption papers are always popular with the children.

So here's one that grows.

In toy stores you will only see the "baby" version of these dolls. The baby kind just cries (when you press a button on it).

But there are doll exchange warehouses located in all major cities. Parents, simply take the doll about once every two weeks when your child is sleeping, and bring it to the exchange house for a slightly bigger version of the same doll! Then replace it in your child's room and she will slowly start to realize the difference - the doll sometimes grows overnight!

As the doll gets older ,it also starts to say different things when you press the button--it graduates to baby talk and eventually into real speech, and gets more intelligent and grammatical too.

Children will never know about these doll exchange warehouses because they are disguised to look like dental and medical offices on the outside.

phundug, Jun 10 2006

grow bears telescopic_20teddybears
not as well thought out as yours. [po, Jun 10 2006]


       I like the idea of switching. It should be applied to babies, but in reverse. Match appearance, temperament and first name of a participating baby population and switch out every two weeks for a baby two weeks younger. Live in a comic strip world where the kid never grows up. (And if a kid dies, it's only for a week or two!)
ldischler, Jun 13 2006

       ...if you replace it too often, your child will suddenly have to deal with a life-size teenage doll who tells you "You're not my real mother" when you pull the string on its back.
Abusementpark, Dec 11 2006

       Better yet, the child would have to take the doll to the "dentist", sit in the waiting room and recieve a new doll with clean teeth and bigger whatever when it comes out. Oh, and if the child could fill up the tank while they're out, that would be great.
daseva, Dec 11 2006

       eventually the doll would get pregnant... +
xenzag, Dec 12 2006

       I propose that it has some sort of furbyesque AI that learns certain things. This 'personality' could be downloaded to the next doll. Take care of it right or you'll have the dumbest doll on the block!
Bighongry, Dec 05 2007


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